5 common skincare mistakes and how to avoid them

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We often talk about important skincare routine tricks and secrets, but what about all the mistakes we make when it comes to the skincare? Don’t worry, we have all been there once making some wrong decisions about our skin.


Mistake #1: Not hydrating your skin enough

If you don’t drink enough water (the same goes with not having enough sleep), you are exposing your skin to dryness, wrinkles, dry skin, and acne. And nobody wants that, right?

To get rid of a dull complexion, regular skin care routine will help you to achieve positive results, so introduce a few simple steps into your regimen. Cleansing, toning, and moisturising are the key to happy and nourished skin!

On the other hand, it's quite important not to use too much moisturiser either. Check out our skincare sizing guide to find out how much products do you actually need to use.


Mistake #2: Over-exfoliating

Too much exfoliation can actually damage your the skin barrier by causing irritation, inflammation, dryness, and even infection, so it's important to find the right balance - once or twice a week, not more than 3 times. This way your skin will still be smooth and bright as you removed all the dead skin cells and impurities, but at the same time strong and healthy.

What's more important them exfoliating is having a simple, but consistent skincare routine which will help you achieve glowing and gorgeous skin.


Mistake #3: Not checking the ingredients

We talked about how tricky skin care ingredient can sometimes be, especially when you don't understand the ingredient label on the back of the product, but that doesn't make them any less important, especially the ones you should avoid. Your body and skin will thank you if you ditch parabens, SLS and sulfates which can be found in many skincare and beauty products and can cause a lot of skin problems such as irritation and acne, while some can even be cancerogenous.


Mistake #4: Not using toner

You may have heard that using a toner is not necessary in your skincare routine, but if we tell you that you aren't only wasting your product as they don-t absorb into your skin properly, but also not hydrating your skin enough, you may think differently. Toning is a really simple step with extremely huge benefits for your skin, for example, the toner will rebalance your skin to its optimal level  (4.5-6.5) so you can have that healthy, glowing skin and even treat skincare problems such as acne.


Mistake #5: Not wearing sunscreen

Last, but not least is the sunscreen, which is also the final step in a skincare routine. You have probably heard about the significance of sun protection a lot, which makes it even more important. And we don't think only during the summer, quite the opposite, you should wear SPF all year round. Again the same goes for rainy and cloudy days.
UV rays are responsible for premature skin aging while exposure to the sun can even put you at risk of melanoma.  




Remember, healthy skin is the best skin!

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