Skincare products sizing guide: how much product do you really need

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We often spend so much time taking care of our skin, but barely ever focus on how much skincare products do we actually use. It may not sound like a big deal, but here at Jinmee, we believe it is important not to waste your products or your money by applying too much each time. Plus, it’s good for the environment, especially since many products come in plastic packaging.


How many skincare products should I use?



CLEANSER: Two-three pumps 

Extra tip: The first step in every skincare routine, cleansing helps to maintain healthy skin by removing makeup and impurities built up through the day. If you apply too much, you could actually dry out and irritate your skin.
TONER: Enough to soak Hydrapuff
Extra tip: Toner will help you to get that hydration boost and to prepare your skin for follow-on products. Use Hydrapuff to maximise usage of your skincare products.


SERUM: Two drops or pea size pump
Extra tip: Serum has a lighter consistency and highly concentrated ingredients created to penetrate deep within the skin, which means they are used before oils and heavy creams – include them into your morning and evening skincare routine.
OIL: Two-three drops
Extra tip: Use serums before facial oil. Oil, on the other hand, comes before moisturisers. It helps to nourish and moisturise your skin, it can even shrink pores and reduce wrinkles. Recommendation: Pure unrefined jojoba oil (for all skin types).
Extra tip: It’s a common mistake to exfoliate your skin too often, especially every day. It weakens your skin barrier, which makes your skin easily become prone to acne, redness, wrinkles and other skin problems. Don’t exfoliate it more than 3 times a week.
MOISTURISER: One pump (or more if your skin is very dry)
Extra tip: You have probably heard a claim that an eye cream is specially designed for the thin skin around the eyes; however, you can really use your moisturiser to treat the area around your eyes.
SUN PROTECTION:  One pump (only in the morning)
Extra tip: A very final step in the morning skincare routine is one of the most important ones. Use your sun protection daily, no matter the season, as harmful UVA and UVB rays can cause damage all year long.


Remember, glowing skin is always in!

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