❝ For me there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the transformation in someone’s happiness and confidence when they have achieved the skin they long for, and have discovered the routine and products that are just right for them. The reality is that nobody has flawless, perfect skin, but I believe that together, with the right product choice and application, we can all be happy in our own skin. ❞

- Karen Hong, Founder

Karen's Story

 From teenage acne to adult skin concerns, my skincare journey comes from a personal place. I always struggled with my skin. I tried and tested so many different skincare products that would just end up gathering dust on my shelf. They didn’t deliver the promises they made, a beautifully packaged product that I spent a small fortune on didn’t cure my skin and most importantly, didn’t make me feel good. But I continued to buy, seeking the miracle skincare solution.

Sometimes it takes a life-changing event to make you refocus. For me, this was certainly the case. I experienced a severe facial injury after an error was made during a facial treatment at a top beauty clinic in London. I put my trust in someone to give me a wonderful, skin-enhancing facial- I was sure I would leave the clinic with healthier skin and a youthful glow. But instead, I was left scarred and burnt.

The road to recovery was long. My now super-sensitive, damaged skin meant that I could no longer freely apply my skincare products, now I had to scrutinise ingredient labels on every bottle, throwing away every product that contained an ingredient that was going to do more harm than good to my skin. I had to educate myself on what I was putting onto my face. No matter how much a brand or the media told me how amazing the product was, it simply wasn’t right for me and my skin.

We all know how our skin can affect our confidence, and it was a long two years working to heal my damaged skin. But finally, I did heal and I learnt an important lesson. My skin is happier and healthier than it’s ever been, and as a result, I am now my happiest and most confident.

Knowledge is Power

Good ingredients and simplicity is power, and eventually, I established a routine that worked for me. A routine where less is more, and quality is key. I checked the ingredients of every product I wanted to use to keep my skin healthy and youthful - if it had a single harmful and unnecessary ingredient which might irritate or sensitise my skin, it was not going onto my face.

This experience made me more determined than ever to use my experience to help others with their problem skin and so I founded Jinmee.

Skincare You Can Trust

Through Jinmee, I wish to deliver the trust we all expect from our brands. We aim to share honest, transparent skincare, providing the knowledge that we all need in order to make our own decisions with our skincare and what works for our own, unique skin.  I am passionate about sharing the ‘skin-first’ philosophy of my Korean heritage with everyone, so that we can all see the benefits of a simple and effective skincare routine and achieve the radiant skin we all deserve.

With an aim to educate while providing affordable high-quality products which care about your skin, not profits, I developed Hydrapuff to share a personalised way of hydrating your skin, maximizing your products benefits through a simple daily skincare routine.


So, what are you waiting for? Your journey to better skin starts here! And remember…  

Skincare is Self-care.