Is Hydrapuff wet or dry?

Hydrapuff is an ultra-thin sponge-like dry sheet, making it the perfect companion for you to use with your own skincare products. Simply drench Hydrapuff in a few drops of your favourite liquid products (such as toners, essence and serum) and see how well it absorbs and transfers with minimum wastage.

 What is Hydrapuff made from?

Hydrapuff is made from a plant-based pulp and rayon which is compressed to give it a close and super absorbent texture, similar to a sponge but with the thickness of a tissue.

Is Hydrapuff re-usable/ recyclable? 

Like cotton pads or face wipes each Hydrapuff sheet is single-use, and we would advise against drying it out and re-using another time as this may affect its effectiveness or harbour bacteria. You can however re-use Hydrapuff for each step during your skincare routine and don't have to use a new one for each product you apply.  

Hydrapuff itself is non-recyclable but is bio-degradable.

Hydrapuff's packaging is 100% recyclable. 

Is Hydrapuff Vegan?

Yes- Hydrapuff is vegan and cruelty-free. 

How do I use Hydrapuff?

Hydrapuff is the perfect tool in applying your skincare post-cleansing products such as toners, serums, oils and lightweight moisturisers. Keep the Hydrapuff folded for extra thickness and pat your products onto your skin. You can also continue your routine by splitting Hydrapuff in half and applying each half to a different target area of your skin and holding it there a while, for a more personalised treatment.

Check out our How to Hydrapuff page for a video and tutorial!

Is Hydrapuff suitable for all skin types? 

Yes! Hydrapuff is non-abrasive and can be used on all skin types including sensitive skin. However, as with all skincare, we do not recommend use on broken skin or extremely sensitive conditions, so please seek medical advice wherever concerned.

What is the difference between Hydrapuff and a normal cotton pad?

There are many differences but the biggest difference is Hydrapuff’s ability to absorb and redistribute product directly into your skin where it belongs. Hydrapuff is specifically designed to enhance your skincare experience and increase hydration, particularly with toning and moisturising. For more information on what sets Hydrapuff apart from the rest, click here.

Can I use Hydrapuff for cleansing?

Hydrapuff’s super absorbent and hydrating properties mean it’s not suitable for cleansing products- soaps and cleansers, even those suitable for sensitive skin, should only be used to remove dirt and makeup from the skin’s surface. Cleansing ingredients are not safe or designed to be absorbed into the skin. Hydrapuff is specially designed to improve hydration- which is the key to great skin, rather than cleansing.

From the perspective of cleansing, cotton pads have a slightly abrasive texture which makes them better suited for removal. However, a product used to remove will not be just as effective in applying. To maximise the results of your skincare products, your application tool should be tailored to your skin’s needs. Hydrapuff enhances the crucial step in your skincare routine- to rehydrate your skin and really get your skincare products such as toners and serums fully absorbed.

Is Hydrapuff proven to increase absorption of skincare products compared to using other cotton wool or my hands? 

Yes! Clinical research has proved that using Hydrapuff instead of your hands or conventional cotton wool pads increases absorption of skincare products by up to 50%. Conventional cotton pads absorb much more liquid without being able to release it. We also don’t always realise it but applying your products by hand means that much of your product is being absorbed by your hands and not getting to where it’s intended- onto your face. 9/10 people agreed they felt their products were better absorbed into their skin with less wastage when using Hydrapuff.

I want to improve my skincare routine, but I don’t know where to start?

We believe that a good skincare routine is the foundation for beautiful skin. Whether you choose to wear makeup or not, your skin must be cared for daily and prepared like a canvas. There are many ways to develop a skincare routine and our skin is unique to us. However, there are a few fundamental rules and tips that can guarantee you a healthy, no fuss skincare routine. The few steps we believe in at Jinmee are good cleansing, daily toning and moisturising for hydration and protection to strengthen the skin barrier. You can also check out our blog section for lots more useful tips and advice. 


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