We are so grateful to our fellow skincare lovers out there who have given Hydrapuff a try, and hope that everyone will love our product as much as we do! It's always so wonderful to hear how Hydrapuff has transformed your skincare routines.

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Bonds of Beauty carried out a fantastic experiment using Hydrapuff, comparing its absorbency against conventional cotton. It's a fascinating read and the results will amaze you! 

"Hydrapuff can help you make the most out of your chosen skincare products and also give you an excuse for daily, quick and easy, mini masks. I love how versatile it is and that you can even use it as a cotton wool pad, without the negatives. It doesn’t break the bank either and it will look gorgeous on your beauty dresser. As a chemist I take my skincare very seriously and I love products that can enhance it and so I recommend Hydrapuff to anyone, from the skincare beginner to the skincare expert, the mask lover to the toner user."




"Today I'm super excited to share with you their first product the Hydrapuff, It's very common to use cotton pads along with your skincare, particularly when it comes to toner. But more often than not, you'll find these often quite thick pads can often soak up more product than it is actually applying to your skin. The Hydrapuff aims to reduce product waste (as much as 50%!) and be a multifunctional product. Not only letting you use it in place of cotton pads but easily being used as mini sheet masks to target specific areas with your skincare."


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"These Hydrapuff pads by Jinmee intrigued me, and not only for that beautiful watercolour packaging design - the fact that they are meant to reduce wastage of product compared to other types (and your hands absorb product too) plus double up as DIY mini sheet masks was appealing too."



"I AM IN LOVE WITH THE HYDRAPUFF!" | "The beauty is I can do this daily as there are so many pads... I can’t wait to continue using them through the next 10 years"



"I must admit, I do find cotton sheets somewhat redundant in my routine but I use these on my chemical exfoliation nights and always find the super soft cotton to be very gentle on my skin, not absorbing too much product and hence minimising waste."



"These little sheets can be used to apply toner and then afterwards you can use the same sheet to apply, serums, facial oils etc. Due to the sheet already being soaked in the toner, any further products will be distributed evenly so you will also get a more even distribution than if you used a new, dry sheet. I also felt like I needed less product this way too."



"The Hydrapuff barely requires product before it is saturated, so I found that I was wasting a lot less which is always great." | "...with lazy days of toner masking (which these are perfect for), I apply a small amount of my favourite toner and apply these directly for about 15 minutes. I have therefore found these pads very multi-functional and useful!"



"These are a multifunctional skincare sheet for the post-cleansing stage of your routine, quite different and when I learnt of the multiple different things you can use them for I was really excited." | "I did really like using [Hydrapuff] and think they are a great product to have to create your own at home mini sheet mask."



"Hydrapuff have been a bit of a revelation for me. These beauty pads become almost like hydrogel patches when I put a few drops on toner on them. What I mean is there is minimal product absorbed by the sheet because it is so easily deposited on the skin. They don’t tear easily or leave any remnants. I will definitely be getting another box or looking for other similar products."



"I’ve never given much thought about the types of cotton pads I use until I bought some in Seoul. I was impressed; they’re great for DIY sheetmasking for a quick hydration boost without having to wait 20 minutes wearing one."



"The sheets themselves absorb a very decent amount of product. Where the real difference shows between these and standard cotton puffs though, is in how much moisture the sheets then release into your skin whilst wearing. Usually, when applying with cotton puffs, the puff retains most of the product it takes in, making them less suitable for masking."