Reviews & Feedback

See what our lovely users think of Hydrapuff! 

"I love the texture and shape of these pads, they are soft and very absorbent but as they're so thin they don't waste product! I find more of my toner sinking into my skin with Hydrapuff rather than being wasted on a normal cotton pad! I also soak my Hydrapuff sheets in my fave toner to create a sheet mask and let my skin absorb all the goodness. Will definitely be using these instead of cheap scratchy cotton pads."

- Ellie A.

"Having used the Jinmee Hydrapuff for the first time, I was amazed at the high level of absorbency of the extremely thin Hydrapuff sheet. The sheet turned to a wonderfully soft gel once moistened. I found it very easy to apply to my face, the wave shape making the sheet fit perfectly beneath my tired eyes! I was also able to tear the sheet to make it fit where I wanted. I left Hydrapuff on my face for 5 minutes. It felt delightfully soft and refreshing! On removal of the sheets I was impressed with how soft my skin felt. What’s more is the sheet left no sticky residue or fibres, just silky smooth and refreshed skin. I have been most impressed with Hydrapuff- a great product!"

- Catherine S.

 "Hydrapuff left considerably more product on my skin than a normal cotton pad. I like the way you can leave it on like a mask."

- Vaishakhee S.

"I was at first skeptical because of how thin it was, but then had a great experience and was pleased that I was throwing away less material. I found it super great for toning quickly- I didn’t have to use as much product and it took away some impurities that my cleanser missed. I used it for soak under my eyes- it was refreshing, hydrating and felt smooth on my skin."

- Alice P.

"I was impressed with how much product Hydrapuff can hold and I really felt like it was locking hydration into my skin!"

- Bethany M.

"I loved using the Hydrapuff as it was softer and smoother than traditional cotton pads and didn't feel as abrasive on my skin. I also tried it to soak in under eye essence and I noticed a much bigger difference after a few days!"

- Chantel D. 

 "Hydrapuff absorbed more product but evenly throughout and therefore I felt even though it looks like it absorbed more product, it actually puts more product onto the skin. It also felt softer."

- Helen A.

"Hydrapuff doesn't absorb all the product, allowing more to go onto my skin."

- Giselle B.

"I used the Hydrapuff with my Aloe Toner. I found it really absorbent but still gentle on the skin, with a much nicer feel than a cotton pad. I also thought it was more economic as you don’t seem to have to use as much product to soak the puff as you would with a cotton pad - a little goes a long way with these babies! I would definitely prefer using these over the cotton pads I am used to if they were put on the market."

- Sadie K.

 "I was very impressed with Hydrapuff. Much better than cotton wool that comes off and sticks, this made putting lotion on very easy. I also liked the sheet mask idea, very hydrating!"

- Lucy W.

"Hydrapuff definitely makes the most out of your product, I never considered having my toner absorb into my skin rather than brushing it over with a cotton pad. It was nice to try something different! I can see how these fit into the current market and will definitely help those with super dry skin or acne prone skin." 

- Nipona K.

"Application with Hydrapuff felt moister for longer. Because it's thinner than normal cotton wool, the absorption is definitely better and stays longer on the skin."

- Linia

"I used the Hydrapuff pads for a few days and I found that they helped me to distribute my face cream evenly, which meant that I was able to use much less product and didn't waste any on my fingers as I usually do. In the long-term, I hope that this will mean I save money! I also liked the shape of the pads, as they enabled me to apply products more effectively under my eyes. I would use this product again."

- Sonja T.

 "Hydrapuff maintained a lot more moisture compared to a standard cotton pad, which is very dry."

- Rosie

"I’d been given a sample of Hydrapuff to try and I really love them, they’re a lot easier to use than just normal cotton pads, super soft on the skin and I feel like my toner is absorbing a lot better into my skin and I feel a lot plumper the next day! Highly recommend!"

- Becky L.

"Hydrapuff is different to any cotton pad I've used before. Much better quality than any I’ve bought in my local drug store. They’re perfect for taking off makeup but I especially like using them with a toner or serum as the cotton pad soaks up the product and then you can press them over the skin and wait for all the product to sink into your skin. The packaging is also quite cute and I would be interested in trying other products from the brand."

- Laura N.

 "If I’m honest, I thought ‘this just sounds like a fancy cotton pad that’s not going to be any different’ but as soon as I put my toner on it, it absorbed like a dream all over and felt like a face mask sheet, it felt nice to apply, not scratchy like a cotton pad can feel like. After that I placed them under my eyes to use as a sheet mask and they applied effortlessly and stayed in place for the 10 mins I left it on for. I feel like they enhanced the feeling of my skincare and felt more luxury- I would definitely use them again!" 

- Hannah L.

"I used this product with toner and serum and found it to be very effective. I felt the serum and toner were applied to all places very well."

- Ann M.

"I have to say when I opened it, I didn’t expect much!  However once I tried it, I was amazed at how well it worked.  I used it for applying moisturiser and it really did distribute the product evenly.  Not sure how but my skin feels better after using it than when I apply it using my fingers.  My daughter was scratched on her face by our puppy and I used the hydrapuff as a mini mask to apply the anti-septic ointment.  It worked really well."

- Lucy L.

 "Hydrapuff absorbs liquid better, staying longer hydrated."

- Kamile M.

"I really like the product. It’s dry and odourless. It absorbs quickly the oil or moisturiser gel. It is very easily to apply on the face. The small shape also helps to cover any part of the face. I used it as a small mask, applied it for 15 minutes, removed it and rubbed the excess product on my skin. The results are amazing. These sheets helped instantly to reintroduce the moisture my skin needed and it helped the wastage of the skincare products. Definitely recommended!"

- Gregorio A.