we care for skin safety

We are all responsible for our skincare, and we put our trust in brands to deliver safe and quality products. The truth is, much of your favourite skincare contains ingredients that aren't good for your skin- and are very often entirely unneccessary! That's why you will never find a colouring or artificial fragrance in a Jinmee product. We are committed to only using what your skin needs and deserves- simple products with gentle formulas and non-compromising, quality ingredients. 

With Korea at the forefront of beauty and skincare innovation, we are here for you to expand your knowledge, showing you how to shop savvy for your products and know what ingredients love your skin, and what to stay away from. After all, no-one knows your skin better than you.

we care for your self-care

Our founder, Karen, created Jinmee because she understands the struggle we all face with our skin. We know from first-hand experience how achieving skin confidence can transform how you feel about yourself. 

We also know that skincare doesn't need to be complicated, that often the most simple ingredients and routines are the most effective. We are not here to convince you to buy another miracle serum or follow the Korean 10 step routine. We are here to show you how to get the most out of your routine with multi-function, less wastage skincare. 

we care for our planet

Skincare shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why at Jinmee we are consciously making the effort to minimize our wastage. In an industry full of plastic and hard to recycle packaging, we are proud to say that our product Hydrapuff is: Vegan, Cruelty-free, Bio-degradable and Recyclable.

Jinmee carefully selects our products from brands who share our vision in having a cleaner, happier planet.