New Year skincare resolutions you should make in 2019

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How many of us made even the simplest New Year's resolution, but had a hard time keeping it? Well, when it comes to skincare there shouldn't be any excuses! These are simple, yet important resolutions that could make a difference to your beauty lifestyle in 2019:


Resolution #1: Stick to a simple skincare routine (no cheating!)

Dermatologist Erno Laszlo said "beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle", and he couldn't be more right. Just as your daily routine helps you to organize responsibilities and tasks, and to have certain stability, maintaining a regular skincare routine is important to archive the same - good results, especially if you are dealing with any skin problem. The results probably won't happen overnight, quite the opposite, taking care of your skin health is a process.

The skin is our largest organ, which faces many problems such as sun damage and air pollution which means, it needs special care just like any other organ. However, even a basic routine can help to fight signs of aging, acne, redness, dryness, rashes and even more serious problems.


Resolution #2: Quality over quantity

You should treat your skin like an investment and it will bring you good and effective results. However, that doesn't necessarily mean spending hundreds of pounds on different skin care ranges, nor expensive high-end brands. Simply, it means investing your time and picking the right products for your skin type and lifestyle.

So how can you know what skincare products are the right for you? Again, the secret lies in ingredients so do your homework. If you have acne prone skin you should look for natural products such as tea tree, aloe vera, witch-hazel, and avoid, one the other side alcohol, fragrance, and synthetics in skincare. Once you find the right ones, invest in skincare essentials - good cleanser, toner, serum or oil, and moisturiser.


Resolution #3: Don’t ignore the ingredients  

Just because there are many ingredients we don't understand on the back of the product packaging, it doesn't mean we should ignore them and buy what looks good and appealing. It's important to understand that everything we put on the skin absorbs into our bloodstream, so be extra careful with the product selection.

Luckily, there are apps such as Think Dirty that can help to understand the ingredients in your beauty cupboard. Avoid parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, alcohol, cosmetic colours, and fragrance in your products as they can only be harmful. Instead, introduce more organic and natural products with better ingredients and the same benefits and effects.

P.S. See which are good and bad ingredients in skincare!


Remember, love the skin you are in!

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