What is toner: 3 reasons you need toner in your everyday skincare routine

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If Hydrapuff is your ultimate hydrating skincare companion, a toner is a friend that brings everyone together! Toners are an essential part of a Korean skincare routine, which means they are a very important step in both morning and evening routines.

The purpose of toner is to restore the skin to its natural pH level (between 4.5 and 6) and to remove any dead skin cells left after exfoliating and cleansing. They maintain clear and healthy skin and help renew skin after cleansing, so they can simply be called pre-moisturisers.

Toners are usually applied to the skin with cotton wool by patting it on the face, however, cotton wool absorbs up to 90% of the product without being able to redistribute it, while Hydrapuff, on the other hand, releases all the product it absorbs directly onto the skin, reducing wastage of your precious skincare products up to 50% more.

Luckily, facial toners are suitable for all skin types including normal, combination, sensitive, and oily skin and can benefit your daily skincare routine in many ways.

Benefit #1: It restores skin's pH balance.

Toners are created to rebalance your skin to its optimal pH level after washing it with soaps and cleansers, which means they will help the moisturiser and serums work more effectively.

Benefit #2: It helps revitalize skin after cleansing.

Toners are meant to prepare your skin for more product which means they should be used after cleanser and before moisturiser. As mentioned, they remove any surface impurities left while toning, brightening and nourishing your skin.

Benefit #3: It gives your skin a boost of hydration.

Here at Jinmee, we believe that hydration is a key to healthy, beautiful skin and it’s the foundation of a Korean beauty routine. Toners help to maximise absorption of follow-on products such are oils, serums and moisturisers, leaving your skin looking plumped up and hydrated. However, have in mind that alcohol-based toners can cause dryness and irritation, but not all of them are bad- fatty alcohols can do the opposite, protecting your skin and keep it moisturised and smooth.


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