Skincare trends in 2019 you should actually follow

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We are starting fresh this year and so does the beauty industry. In fact, the beauty industry is one of the biggest ones when it comes to the newness and innovations so seeing some new trends on the horizon do not really surprise us. Big or small, skincare trends and innovations can really have an impact on our beauty and skincare routines so it’s important to carefully choose what works for you and your skin and leave behind unnecessary ones.

Here are some of the biggest ones we're will be seeing in 2019!

Trend #1: Sustainable skincare
With so many plastic waste and pollution, many beauty brands have finally embraced a sustainable approach to their business which means environmentally friendly, recyclable and plastic-free packaging.
Here at Jinmee, we care about our plant and strongly believe that skincare shouldn’t cost the earth so we are proud that Hydrapuff is not only recyclable but biodegradable too.  
Trend #2: Personalised skincare

No one knows your skin better than you, which is one of the reasons, a personalised skincare trend made to the beauty list in 2019. It can be difficult to know exactly how to treat your skin, especially if you have certain issues or concerns, but a basic knowledge about simple skincare routine, essential beauty products and most importantly the ingredients they contain, can really help you to archive those skin goals by mixing your products to suit your skin needs.

Trend #3: Natural skincare
Beauty experts agree innovative, high-quality, natural ingredients are way more superior than toxic chemicals. With many experienced and smart consumers who choose only the best for their skin, it's expected that even more beauty and skincare brands will embrace the transparent approach when it comes to the ingredients, while plant-based skin care will prove that it's effective just the same as any other. 
Remember, healthy skin is always in!

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