HYDRATION: The Key to Beautiful, Healthy Skin

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The foundation of a Korean beauty routine is hydration, hydration, hydration! For us here at Jinmee, it is the most important step in achieving your best skin.

We are all told to drink more water- and it is very important you do so!

But when it comes to our skin, hydration goes beyond simply drinking more liquids. This is because water will go where it’s needed most in your body, and in many cases, not nearly enough will ever make it to your skin’s outer layers to provide adequate hydration. This is where skincare hydration comes in!

Hydration is the miracle cure in treating every skin-type and most skincare concerns can be aided and solved by increased and improved hydration of the skin.


Here is how hydration can improve your skincare woes regardless of skin-type:

 Dry: Perhaps the most seemingly obvious: dry skin needs moisture! Therefore, increasing hydration can improve those dry areas and even heal the effects of dry skin.
Oily: It would be commonly mistaken that oily skin means that you have too much moisture. However, the moisture in oil and hydration are two different things. Oily and acne-prone skin benefits from hydration as it helps to manage the production of sebum, the oil that comes from our skin and can make our skin feel greasy or cause breakouts.
Ageing: If it’s anti-ageing you’re looking to target, hydration helps by plumping and firming the skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and future-proofing your skin by helping to prevent them from forming in the first place.


So, how do you get hydration from your skincare?


In its simplest form, layering hydration is one of the best ways of achieving beautiful, healthy skin. By layering products onto the skin rather than simply applying a moisturiser than locks in existing moisture rather than adding any, layering light and thin skincare products allow for them to be penetrated into the skin and reach the inner layers, to enhance your skin’s glow and healthiness.



Hydrating skincare products- or hydrators, come in several forms, most often as toners, essences and serums. These products should often be used in a particular order to achieve best results. If you consider consistency, you should apply your thinnest and most liquid products first, the thicker the consistency the later you should apply. Your light, thin products like toners and essences are easily absorbed deeper into the skin, and provide hydration, whereas a thicker, creamier product like a moisturiser tends to lock everything in and provide a barrier. Here’s a breakdown of each of these wonderful hydrators, and how they can benefit your hydration to get that glowing, happy skin we all dream of.

Toners: Toners are an essential step post-cleanse in restoring your pH so that your skin is prepped and ready to absorb the benefits of the products that follow in your routine. Use a water-based toner with low pH and that is suitable for twice daily use. Be aware that there are also toners that are exfoliating or contain alcohol, but these should not be used daily as they can be too abrasive and even drying on the skin.
Essences: Best used after toning, essences provide that extra boost of moisture and hydration, and further prep your skin before applying products with more active ingredients like serum. Like toners, essences have a more liquid consistency and are easily absorbed into the skin.

Serums: A serum typically has a more gel-like, viscous texture. This is because it is slightly more concentrated with active ingredients that can serve other skin issues alongside hydration, including wrinkles and dark spots. Once you’ve prepped with the previous products, your skin will be best set up to allow serums to be more easily absorbed into the skin and get these active ingredients penetrating the inner layers, providing even better results.


💧 Hydration Boost: Tip 1. Tone and Tone again!

If you really get into applying your toner morning and night and want to enhance hydration further, you could give the Korean ‘3 Skin’ method a whirl, which involves patting on three layers of your toner in succession. In the last year, the Korean beauty world has upped this to the 7 skin method, which enhances hydration more by layering on your toner 7 times. This may seem excessive but has had proven results.


💧  Hydration Boost: Tip 2. Sheet-masking

You can further enhance hydration by masking your skincare products. Masking works in exactly the same way as a pre-soaked sheet mask does. Once a product is applied to a thin cotton sheet or pad such as Hydrapuff, it can be layered onto the skin and left there to absorb. The mask acts as a barrier that seals in the product, so that it fully absorbs into the skin where it’s needed and doesn’t evaporate. You can create a mask using your toners, essences and serums. Check out our page to see how you can D.I.Y sheet mask with Hydrapuff!


So there we have it! If you're looking to get that healthy glow, getting hydrated is the perfect way to start.


Kiss goodbye to thirsty skin and say hello to hydration!

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