A Beginner's Guide to Easy, Korean Skincare

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So you've established that it's time you started a skincare routine, but where do you begin? Or maybe you have one that you feel isn't working? We know that starting a routine can be a little daunting, and with all the advice out there from experts and bloggers, it can easily seem like a whole lot of effort, time and money. So we've compiled a list of tips that will get you started and little things to remember to help you nail that daily routine. 




Morning: We find that if you've done a cleanse the night before, that cleansing again the following morning is not necessary. Give your skin a break, all you need in the morning is water to give your skin a good drink. Simply wash your face in warm water and resist the urge to dry your face with a cloth or towel, instead let your skin dry naturally. 

Evening: Evenings are the most important time to cleanse. Having accumulated lots of dirt, be it through your makeup or simply the pollution around us, it's vital that your skin is properly cleansed after the long, hard day. Take it as a chance for some downtime, enjoy a warm water face wash, followed by cleansing with an oil or foam based cleanser. 


Toner is the first step in your post-wash routine. 

Use a toner with low pH and that is suitable for twice daily use. There are also toners available that are exfoliating or contain alcohol, but these should not be used daily as they can be too abrasive and harsh on the skin. Apply your toner with a patting motion, with a cotton pad or Hydrapuff, while the skin is still slightly damp from your cleanse. 


Nourishment is optional, but recommended. After using your toner with an essence and/or serum to add a further boost of deeper hydration. These products often contain more active ingredients, particularly serums and these ingredients all differ and serve different benefits to the skin. Follow with a moisturiser to lock in all that goodness from your previous products. At Jinmee, we prefer to go for a light-weight moisturiser, as it can be layered on and more easily absorbed, and doesn't feel too heavy on your skin. 


Protecting your skin from the sun is hugely important, and something we all need to consider doing more of, especially with this increase in hot weather we’ve had this year (and it’s set to continue!). Sunscreen can be drying, heavy or too oily and this can put us off applying it to our face, especially if we are wanting to apply make-up. However there are an increasing amount of sunscreens on the market that will not disrupt your makeup application. Even make-up artist for this year’s iconic Royal Wedding, Daniel Martin, revealed that Meghan Markle wore a Korean sunscreen under her makeup when she wed Prince Harry- and well, if it’s good enough for Meghan, who are we to argue!  


Ditch the towel! No matter how clean you think your face towel or flannel may be, towels house huge amounts of bacteria, especially when kept in the bathroom. After you’ve washed your face, don’t risk allowing stray fibres or bacteria from a towel onto your skin, instead let your skin dry naturally.

Apply your toners, serums and moisturiser while the skin is still damp. It’s best not to apply your products directly onto dry skin. Instead apply your product within 10 seconds of washing your face, while the skin is still damp. Just because the skin is wet, your products will still be absorbed, and even more quickly and effectively than if your skin was dry and your pores closed.


A few reminders...

Quality not quantity: As with many things, when it comes to skincare it isn’t necessarily the number of products you are using, but if you are using them effectively. The importance is not the quantity of the product, but the correct application technique. Hydrapuff is the perfect partner for skincare application, ensuring you get the most out of your favourite products, with minimum waste and fuss.

Good skincare should not be a chore. Your skincare routine should be a part of your day, like showering, getting dressed and applying make-up.  Also, the more you stick to a routine, the quicker it goes, and before you know it you will have completed your skincare routine in the same time it takes you to brush your teeth.

Remember, skincare is your own personal journey. One person may have many steps to their routine, but not all these steps and products will be necessary or suited to you. Take the time to learn about your skin, what it likes and doesn’t like, what it needs and go from there. Like the rest of our bodies, our skin is also heavily affected by lifestyle, environmental and hormonal factors. These things all change regularly, and your skin will also continue to change and adapt.

Take time for your skin and it will be thankful. Good things take time, and while your skincare routine needn’t be time-consuming, appreciating the importance of your skin means that the extra few minutes you spend in the evening to give your skin that extra bit of TLC will benefit you immensely.

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