Introducing JINMEE Premium Korean Skincare!

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It’s a super exciting day as we launch our JINMEE website and introduce you all to the first product in our range: Hydrapuff!

JINMEE, (진미 which is Korean for ‘best beauty’) was founded from a passion to deliver a skincare message that breaks through the noise. The modern beauty industry has brought new trends and revolutionary products to the masses, and while this is a fantastic thing, people are now more confused than ever before about skincare. With so many skincare products on the market, new ingredients, terminology and a new trend everyday, it is difficult to understand what products are right for us and our own, unique skin.

Here at JINMEE, we hope to strip that all back to the basics of a simple skincare routine, one that produces real results and gets the best out of less products.

We also realised that the method of applying products is something that we all can forget about. We live busy lives, and I'm sure we have all been guilty of slapping on products without too much thought, or taking too much time. But did you know that your application technique could be limiting or even hindering your product’s benefits? An excellent skincare application technique is something that can unleash the true potential of your skincare products and this, is where Hydrapuff was born.


It’s time to say goodbye to thirsty skin, and hello to hydration!


Hydrapuff is an ultra-thin, super absorbent skincare sheet that will transform your skincare routine. With hydration being the key to healthy and beautiful skin, it is vital that your precious skincare products are used to their full potential, with minimum wastage. Your liquid skincare is only worth using when it is absorbed directly into the skin- not into cotton, or on your hands.

Hydrapuff is guaranteed to deliver personalised, multi-functional skincare with maximum results, and is proven to improve the absorption and reduce wastage of your favourite liquid skincare- be it toners, essences, serums or oils! 

Products like Hydrapuff are already popular in Korea and Japan, but we believe that it's time that this innovative product should be available to everyone because we all deserve to have the healthiest, happiest skin possible. We can't wait to share Hydrapuff, and a variety of other Korean skincare tips, tricks and simple knowledge with you! 


Hydrapuff will be launching soon, so please watch this space!


We look forward to sharing your skincare journey with you.


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