Hello Hydration! HYDRAPUFF: On Sale Now!

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Today is a super exciting day as Hydrapuff is officially available on our online store!


Here at JINMEE, we hope to strip that all back to the basics of a simple skincare routine, one that produces real results and gets the best out of less products. We realised that the method of applying products is something that we all can forget about. We live busy lives, and I'm sure we have all been guilty of slapping on products without too much thought, or taking too much time. But did you know that your application technique could be limiting or even hindering your product’s benefits? An excellent skincare application technique is something that can unleash the true potential of your skincare products and this, is where Hydrapuff was born.


It’s time to say goodbye to thirsty skin, and hello to hydration!


Hydrapuff is an ultra-thin, super absorbent skincare sheet that will transform your skincare routine. With hydration being the key to healthy and beautiful skin, it is vital that your precious skincare products are used to their full potential, with minimum wastage. Your liquid skincare is only worth using when it is absorbed directly into the skin- not into cotton, or on your hands.

Conventional cotton pads drink up liquids but are unable to release and redistribute product. Applying your serums and oil by hand can often mean that more product than you might think is being absorbed by your hands- not where it's needed!

Hydrapuff’s soak-and-release design allows for your precious skincare products to be delivered directly onto your skin. 

As a result, Hydrapuff assists you in getting the most out of your skincare, with minimum wastage of your liquid skincare products. Clinical trials have proven that using a product like Hydrapuff can increase your skins’ hydration by up to 50%!


Hydrapuff is the perfect partner for:





Lightweight moisturisers


Hydrapuff is a little dry sheet, with the super-absorbent texture of a sponge but is lightweight and ultra-thin. Once you add liquid to Hydrapuff, it transforms into a soft, gel-like tissue that clings perfectly to your skin. This unique consistency emulates a sheet mask, a popular trend from Asia that has now reached the west. A pre-soaked sheet mask allows for moisturising and nourishing products to be held in place onto the skin, to maximise absorption and leave the skin feeling pampered. For many of us, sheet masks can still seem a bit of a luxury, or a novelty rather than a part of our daily routine.

But did you know, Hydrapuff can also function as a mini sheet mask? Allowing you to use your favourite products for a daily, personalised sheet-masking routine that is tailored to you. It has a distinct wave shape that contours perfectly to under eyes, allowing for a comfortable fit on the curves of your face. Hydrapuff also comes in two halves, folded together with a tear line down the middle. 

Drench both halves of your Hydrapuff in toner or essence, split down the middle and apply to your skin and leave for 5-10 minutes for an evening pamper, or even a quick 1 minute will also boost hydration on a busy morning. 

You can take your sheet masking a step further after toning by trying different products. For example, use the same, already moist Hydrapuff, why not try adding a few drops of essence or oil, rubbing into Hydrapuff with your fingers and then applying to your skin? Like sheet masks, Hydrapuff will act as a barrier that locks in moisture, and allows you to deliver these more active ingredients into your skin even more successfully and with minimum wastage. 


Head on over to our how to page to see how best to use Hydrapuff! 


So, what are you waiting for? It's time to get hydrated.


Give Hydrapuff a try, we would love to hear what you think!



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