Halloween Skincare: Prep your skin for the ultimate Halloween party!

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Have you ever wondered why pumpkins are a symbol of Halloween? The tradition of carved pumpkins dates to the Celts who used vegetables like squash to light the way to their homes for the good spirits during the autumnal celebrations.

However, the magic of pumpkin goes even beyond Halloween decorations as its benefits make the perfect skincare ingredient of the season. Pumpkin, for example, contains antioxidants and vitamins E and A which help to soothe your skin and boost collagen production, while minerals like Zinc in pumpkin seeds helps to fight acne as it controls the hormone level and boosts the hair growth. They also reduce blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, which means a healthy heart and good immune system.


You must be wondering what it the best Halloween skincare treatment, right?

Jinmee's Top Skincare Tricks


To fully enjoy your Halloween makeup, it's important to prep your skin the right way; make sure your skin is cleansed, hydrated and protected. Follow these simple steps and your skin will thank you. Start your skincare routines with a deep cleanse using micellar water and foam cleanser. Apply your serums using Hydrapuff, which will help you to get the perfect skin radiance.

Don't forget eye cream and moisturiser which will keep you hydrated even after the party. Plus, every skincare junkie knows SPF is a must even during the darkest and coldest season.



Do not leave your heavy Halloween makeup on overnight! Take it off and get to work – it will really take a few minutes and we are sure you want that glowing and healthy skin back! Korean skincare routine is just the right thing you need; start with makeup remover and oil cleanser.

Your second step is water-based cleanser and exfoliator, followed by toner and serums. An effective way to get the best of both is to use Hydrapuff as it helps to deliver more product than cotton wool or your hands. Finish off with eye cream and moisturiser.


Don’t trick but treat your skin!


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