Introducing Our Campaign: Happy Skin, Happy Planet

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What is Happy Skin, Happy Planet?

Our campaign focus is to share the message of LESS WASTAGE by reducing the
amount of wastage we produce from our products, both through application and
disposal, while getting even better results than before!
Our aim is to help you continue the resolutions you set for the year. Whether it
was to go Vegan, establish a good skincare routine or to become more
environmentally conscious with your consumption. With JINMEE, you can
guarantee skincare that really cares.
Our goal is to achieve both happy skin and a happy planet. We do this by creating
a product that allows you to achieve healthy skin by getting the most out of your
skincare routine and without harming the planet through zero waste. This is why
Hydrapuff is designed to be cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, bio-degradable and also
has recyclable packaging. It is our mission to create products that make being
environmentally friendly easy.

What can we do?

Recent studies have shown that we have approximately 12 years to save our
planet and stop the effects of climate change. To do this we need to reduce the
amount of waste we produce and use products that contain clean and natural
ingredients that don’t harm our environment. When using Hydrapuff, you can
decrease the amount of product you waste by up to half the amount! Enabling
you to reduce the amount of waste you produce when carrying out your daily
skincare routine and save you money long term by making your products last

What can I look out for?

“Clean beauty” is an umbrella term that refers to cosmetic products that contain
ingredients that are non-toxic, safe for our skin and ethically sourced. Although it
does not exclusively refer to natural ingredients, these occur often as they are
the most suited to our skin - our skin is also natural after all!
Using products that contain recyclable packaging is important, as product
packaging is one of the biggest sources of waste on our planet. As much as 15
million bottles worth of plastic is thrown away each day. Imagine the huge
impact we could have if we all ditched the plastic!

Find out more about how to look for ethical ingredients here.
Remember, Happy Skin, Happy Planet!

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