7 Best Ever Fruits for Glowing Skin

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Who doesn’t want glowing skin ‘eh. The kind of complexion able to resist wrinkles, fight against acne, kick butt to uneven skin tone. Skin which makes friends go you look amazing, what are you using?

Come huddle for the best ever glowing skin tip: glowing clear skin can happen only when you’ve dominated your diet.

And it’s not about eating a tote bag sized amount of fruits and vegetables. But it is about eating the right fruits and vegetables. Clear skin diet rule #1. To make your skin glow you need to be savvy on the best fruits for glowing skin.

Best Fruits for Glowing Skin

Fruits are miracle foods. No jokes. Scientists call these guys functional foods aka they taste good and they do good. Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, your fruit bowl holds secrets your skin knows about but can’t tell you.

Gosh – time to learn skin ‘eh. Imagine if your skin could tell you mum I need a grapefruit today, I need me some collagen protecting vitamin C and I also need it to help fight off a bout of spots I can tell your body’s wanting me to make next week. Imagine if instead of getting an eczema flair, dry patches, acne, spots, wrinkles and more, your skin could just say – feed me blackberries. Feed me lemons. Feed me tomatoes.

Well dear skin savvy, today we’re taking a lesson in skin speak.

Fruits make a huge difference to your health and when you’re healthy on the inside, your skin can’t help but glow from the outside. Like full beaming glow form the outside.

What Makes a Healthy Fruit for Skin?

Some say fruits are evil – that the apple army’s coming to get you, the tomatoes have ears and your plums are plotting a juice making escape. Certain diets even ban fruits for fear of sugar, high carbohydrate load and more. And my friend, some of this is true. Some fruits are bad for skin.

Which seems kinda confusing ‘eh.

Think of it like this. When you search for a date night appropriate dress not every dress you have makes sense ‘eh. Your cold shoulder mini-dress is beautiful but probably not 7pm restaurant appropriate. Your casual skater dress is comfy and fabulous but not as dressy as you might want. And your stunning, figure loving ball dress (or wedding dress!), however much you want to wear it again, your date (or husband!) could be bedazzeled and confused.

Finding the best fruit for skin is like finding the best dress for date night.

And these are the key bits to remember. Fruits for glowing skin are;

  • Low in sugars
  • Have a low glycemic index
  • Low glycemic load
  • Packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (which most fruits don’t have to try too hard to tick off)
  • Have healthy fibre (aka are in their whole raw form rather than being juiced – if you have to chew, you’ve got fibre sorted)

What Fruit to Eat for Clear Skin?

The best fruits for glowing skin are low in sugar. Sugar my friend is a skin devil. And you can easily forget (me too!) that natural sugars can cause the same not-so-happy skin changes processed white sugar can. But ban sugar high fruits from your diet and I promise your skin can always be fruit happy.

Ultimately all foods you eat get broken down into sugar or glucose. These ingredients give your body fuel. Eating great food is like pulling up to a petrol station. The difference comes in how quickly your body makes glucose/blood sugar from the food you eat.

Ever had a phone battery rocket down from 100% to I’m-about-to-die-and-leave-you-phoneless-in-the-middle-of-town-with-no-meet-up-place-sorted. Doh!

Food can do this too. Food and fruits can either give you a steady battery/sugar release or send you on a sugar rollercoaster from zero to 80 miles an hour in 1.9 seconds flat.

When too much sugar reaches your bloodstream too quickly it causes inflammation… and inflammation is ageing. Sugar’s linked to a reaction called glycation – basically when protein + sugar react, they harden and toughen each other. A bit like bake on. Collagen and elastin are 2 structural proteins keeping your skin full, healthy and voluminous. You’ll want to say no to glycation to be sure you’re following a healthy skin diet.

And glycation isn’t the only blood sugar high trouble. When your body receives a lot of sugar, you release a hormone called insulin and insulin triggers off a domino train of other hormones like insulin like growth factor (IGF-1).

Hormones which are linked to;

  • Spots, blemishes and acne
  • Oily skin
  • Large pores

But on the other hand eat a clear skin diet low in sugars and eat only the best fruits for glowing skin and you my friend can be different. You can be sure to protect your skin in the best way possible – naturally.

7 Best Ever Fruits For Glowing Skin

Now time to get to it, your power list of best fruits for glowing skin, these 7 clear skin diet fruits are yummy and great for you. You can have your fruit and eat it. No guilt, only happiness. Yes please.

  1. Grapefruit

41 calories a low glycemic index and over 50-70% of your daily recommended vitamin C intake. 1 juicy grapefruit a day can make a huge difference on your journey to glowing skin. Rather than reaching for an orange which is medium to high in sugars, switch your go to vitamin C boost for grapefruit.

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Vitamin C is oh so vital to healthy skin because without vitamin C your skin literally falls apart. This exact thing happened to sailors back in the day when they left shore with only enough fresh fruit and veg to last then a tenth of their journey. What happened? Sailors got hit with scurvy.

When your body’s deficient in vitamin C it cannot make healthy collagen. Your skin falls apart.

Pssst! Remember what collagen is? A skin protein able to make your skin young and full of volume. Think of collagen like skin scaffolding, a tent pole or boot shapers. Collagen levels naturally start to decline when you hit your 20s, be sure to help your skin make as much as possible by eating the best vitamin C rich fruits for glowing skin.

p.s. vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant and antioxidants help keep your skin younger, longer.

  1. Tomatoes/Tomato paste

Nom, nom, nom. Tomatoes are a health fruit in vegetable disguise. And eating enough of them, will help bring your skin a powerful antioxidant boost able to protect your skin against damaging UV light. Who knew ‘eh. You my friend. You do. You are awesome. Tomatoes are packed with a skin loving ingredients called carotenoids – specifically Lycopene.

A finding which is huge, proving what you’re eating right now has big effects on your skin.And with this trusty list of fruits for glowing skin, you’re going to be a moon beam.

  1. Strawberries

Bright red summer loving fruits for glowing skin – gotcha. Strawberries are low in glycemic index and very low in glycemic load meaning their sugar is slow release – wahooo. As for claim to fame, our heart-shaped bursts of goodness are a top source of phenolic antioxidants – a group of very potent antioxidants associated with great health. In fact strawberries have 2 to 11 times more phenolic antioxidants than most other fruits. Powerful stuff.

Pro tip: The redder your strawberries the more antioxidants they have.

One phenolic antioxidant called ellagic acid (shall we call him Pete? Rolls off the tongue better ‘eh) has gotten a lot of recent attention for anti-ageing benefits. Studies are showing Pete (aka ellagic acid) can help stop your skin’s collagen breaking down, help prevent UV skin damage and help stop skin thickening with age.  All awesome skills for a chestnut sized power fruit.

  1. Cherries

They taste too good to be great for you but trust me my friend, cherries are a fab fruit for glowing skin. They rank with a very low 20 on the glycemic index ruler (which goes up to 100) and a 6 on the glycemic load scale which is also considered low. Cherries have natural sugar they can channel the right way. Gradual battery releases instead of the rollercoaster kind.

Cherries too are a powerful source of antioxidants. Notice something here? Fruits my friend are anti-ageing power banks sat ready and waiting for you to borrow from.

The mix of antioxidants found in cherries are proven to have anti-inflammatory benefits. Inflammation is when something gets angry and puffy – but small kinds of it you don’t always see. A bruise is inflammation, a cut is inflammation, an itch is inflammation, redness is inflammation. And if you’re looking for fruits good for acne know this – acne is an inflammatory skin disease so anything you can eat which is anti-inflammatory makes a great clear skin diet choice.

P.s. most skin conditions have an inflammatory feature – ageing, acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dry skin, itchy skin. Anti-inflammatory fruits like cherries can help your skin health no end.

  1. Dried Apricots

Most of the time dried fruits are a glowing skin no-no. When fruits get dried their sugar concentration rises to skyscraper levels – dates and rasins we’re looking at you. However dried apricots bend this rule being low in glycemic index and glycemic load.

And eating them in their dried form is actually a great choice, as to avoid bruising in transport apricots have to be picked so young important skin loving antioxidants and minerals haven’t yet had a chance to develop.

Apricots are an important source of copper and 1 serving will have you a fourth of your daily needs. Copper is a metal – which sounds weird for your skin to need ‘eh. There are many metals your body must have in small, trace amounts. Copper is one for glowing skin.

Your skin needs copper to stay healthy, heal, make collagen and stop and reverse inflammation. Or in human speak, your skin needs copper to glow. Dried apricots are a definite yes on our best fruits for glowing skin list.

  1. Blackberries

Remember how we said the redder strawberries get the more antioxidants they have? Now just imagine how concentrated blackberries are. They’re rich in deep-dark colour like no other fruit. Blackberries are you guessed it low in glycemic index and glycemic load.

Blackberries are also a great fruit for glowing skin as they’re an important source of vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese. Vitamin C’s fabulous for collagen building, vitamin K’s great for helping skin heal plus evening skin tone and manganese (yup, another trace metal) is needed by your body to make the super important antioxidant manganese superoxide dismutase enzymes– read anti-ageing.

Blackberry fruits for glowing skin are a very definite yes please.


  1. Avocado

I know, I know, you probably don’t think about these green gods like a fruit – but they have a seed, so avocado also makes our best fruits for glowing skin list. Avocados also make a great add-in for breakfast fruit smoothies. Fats are very important food for healthy skin. Adding them to your AM wake-me-up brekkie’s like making medicine for your complexion.

Avocados are a great source of anti-inflammatory fats, vitamin B3, B5, B6 and folate.

You’ll even find vitamin b5 as pro-vitamin B5 (aka it needs to be broken down to make vitamin B5) in skincare as panthenol where it can help speed up your skin metabolism and help keep your skin hydrated and glowy.

Vitamin B6 helps balance sebum production. Fellow oily/combination skin types – avocados are a great fruit for glowing skin.

Folate also known as vitamin B9 (yeesh avocados have a whole load of B vitamins ‘eh) is also an anti-ageing, skin metabolism boosting wonder star.



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